Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the dreaming

D3rek texts me, saying that we should get a roll of paper and some pens and do a NaNoWriMo together. i whole-heartedly agree.

Monday, October 20, 2014

dream segments

  • broken fence section at gate...cohabitor says there have been three phone calls...Rhiannon is loose/out...look for leash clumsily (asleep??)...hear voices, go outside, here comes a woman and her son with Rhiannon...we are in the front yard, the mom talks about the moss on the stump of an oak tree
  • making friends with a woman and her three beautiful little girls, all with curly hair...store parking lot, working on/fixing something on my car...end up holding the woman so very close as we part/say goodbye --- later, walking through urban neighborhood, see her and the girls and lots of other people ---then, we move into a townhouse together, just as quickly, she is Chuck, but a tall older female version, and says something abusive to me, so i break up with her immediately. she moves out, back to her house, we do part nicely, i tell her i love her three girls
  • driving on Rt. 15 at the Rt. 55 intersection i see Rhiannon walking on the side of the road, i open the car door and call her, she has recognized my car and jumps in. she is wet, and has some cuts on her side, but is happy to see me...i go visit Maxie and tell him about all of this, we go get some beer and party --- trying to collect all the empty beer bottles from the party to recycle, the setting is a store right by the side of the road
  • go in a country store, patois spoken by the patrons there...i need to pee, the restroom is public, little more than a screened off bucket, really...a man watches and comments about me the entire time i urinate. i have a lot of urine and it feels very good when i am done
  • make friends with a woman, we have a very stimulating discussion about adventure --- later, at the side of the road with another friend, this woman pulls up in her vehicle and shows me/us a pamphlet about some very interesting land for sale in the south of Florida, at the very end of the state...watching out for traffic so she doesn't get hit by other cars, as she has not pull off the road
  • there is an event at the pool/clubhouse area that i am attending...as it is about to begin, i run back to the house to get something out of my car which i had forgotten...i cue some music, and see Cindi K. through the kitchen window, singing along to the T Rex song playing...we kind of wink at each other as i run back to the event...another song then plays 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


swimming through deep
with many draglines
(kicking through turbulence)
floating through/and floating over
bold arm strokes/i am
surging ahead
hoping none of these
pull me under
pull me
 to the bottom

small pieces of dreaming

  • 3 or 4 women playing guitar, singing, from different bands/musical collectives...showing each other technique and songs and playing styles...i am close, listening/observing/longing...i wish to be a part of this joyfulness
  • a large cat, with a leash around its middle, is playing with me...we are leaping and chasing and then lying in the grass next to a building which is either demolished or new construction
  • Harry S. wins $40 million on a lottery type mechanized game
  • also trying out strategies for lottery winning are a newly made friend and i...she is lovely and has been part of two other dreaming sequences: in one she is singing with a beautiful voice, soprano/alto register, in another she is at the grocery store in my line as i ring up her groceries we are joking and becoming closer, becoming friends

Saturday, October 18, 2014

plans to dream & live

One of the benefits I have hoped to achieve from not working ALL THE TIME is dreaming well (by sleeping again) and recalling that dreaming vividly, and thus being able to write the dreaming. So far I am sleeping, and the dreamstate is rich, but I have not moved back into the writing aspect. Having just read this quote; "The novelist Mary Lee Settle tumbles out of bed and heads straight for her typewriter, before the dream state disappears." (Diane Ackerman A Natural History Of The Senses), I am inspired to revisit my desired benefit, and revamp my habits. I know that I have been allowing myself to heal from those four years of hard work, so have not tried to structure my time in any sort of fashion. But I have slid into the staying up very late, and sleeping very late mode. Now that less daylight is with us as the Season changes, I feel it might be a good time to gently put myself into a different sleep pattern so as to take advantage of what daylight is available. Thus being more productive, and ward off any seasonal depression that might show up.                                                                                                                                                                 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

recurring dream theme & location

there is a gathering/festival/happening  all along Logmill Road and down to Route 15...i see Joanie there, and help her when walking back because it gets quite steep...
                   AND THIS ALSO:

i hear the UPS delivery van drive up to the house...i go find the envelope that i need to send with them, but the worker hands it back to me and says it must be mailed...

at work running the register...

Sunday, May 04, 2014

just out of reach

i remember dreaming, but not WHAT i dreamt.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

plumbing issues

loud splash in the middle of the night awakens me
and i know it for a cat falling into the tub
where the water is slowly, slowly draining
i go back to sleep
and my dreaming picks up the theme;
Tille walks out of the bathroom at the store, 
trying to dry off after having fallen
in the water. I cry out, "oh no, girl! now what happened?"

left turn

even when sitting in a vehicle
waiting for the traffic light's change to green
there is beauty come unexpected, and delightful
sunlight glints on petals wind-rolled, dancing
through the intersection