Thursday, August 03, 2017


Walk with cloud mind and crow calling blue skies
give ground, but forward
passing aromas of lives lived
seeking, yes - but being now

Saturday, July 15, 2017


vulture shadow moves
as i stride
milkweed pods ripening
in my reveries

Monday, January 30, 2017


i go to Kay's house to wait for them to come home...i am in my jammies & robe...i go in the bathroom and notice that i am having trouble seeing, it's as if a hand were over my eyes...i look in the mirror and see that my face is all swollen around the eyes, and very red...i grow concerned and try to rinse my eyes with cold water, which does feel good, but the swelling does not ease and actually gets worse...i think that i should go home, but how could i drive when i cannot fully see?

Sunday, January 22, 2017


my friend has driven down the snowy driveway, so now i will attempt it in my van. i call Rhiannon to me, and she runs and jumps aboard. navigate some tight turns, and then here we go! get stuck immediately...talking with a friend, and then decide to try again as the snow seems to be melting somewhat. and down the driveway to the road we go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


a co-worker gives me a message that a customer wrote on a reusable shopping bag. it intrigues and amuses me. i walk down the sidewalk of the shop-lined street thinking that i might see him, and converse. as i walk, i think that i should not seem to be looking for something, so as to not draw the wrong type of attention, i am actually trying to keep a low profile. i am carrying two plastic bags with something in them, and another bag/ has become dusk, and the Moon is beautiful in the sky, with clouds passing by. a woman passes by me and speaks a friendly salutation. she pays me a compliment and smiles broadly-she has an instrument/guitar slung across her shoulder. i call out a reply - thinking about how when i get to the bottom of the hill, i will turn around and walk back...just then i hear a call-out, and see a friend of mine emerge from a wooded path off to me left on the other side of the road...we meet, and talk, she asks me what's up, and expresses surprise at seeing me out & about at this time, since i am so often at work at this time...[as i am getting ready to reply, i awaken]

Monday, January 16, 2017

moving through financial crisis

Here i am, trying to remember just how it is to feel, to feel alive, and creative and aware. In my fullest capacity. Now that i no longer, on a daily basis, awaken to instant despair. The emotional easing of this! The relaxation possible, as i am able to expand my [...] horizons, reaching/re-attaining the fuller expression of who i am. The complexity of my being. My long-dampened innate artistic flow, freed from anguish and able to re-flower. The joy of this, the possibility!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Book/Life connections

Reading the Washington Post this morning, a sense of unease comes over me as two of the articles I am reading bear close resemblance to events that are occurring in the book I am currently reading, Station Eleven. This immediately reminds me of the time I was sitting in the waiting room of the public health clinic, reading The Stand. I began to notice that all of the people around me were sniffling and sneezing, making sounds of illness. Discomforting, considering the plot of the book.