Thursday, November 05, 2015


she didn't have to move
there was no need
for that
to have happened
when the new road came through
the homesite
    was undisturbed
even though
    the house
was torn down
where in the world
have the feral cats gone?
she is no longer there
     to feed them
eight vultures stand testimony
in the bare branches of the front yard's
dead tree

Monday, November 02, 2015

"Empty Words" - guest poet JDF

how sublime
a reaction
to involuntary


Saturday, October 17, 2015


the leaves are dancing to the
perfect tune
of my emotions,
wind-blown and
strewn about/the poems
of my

126/72 Stress Flow Relief

95.5 % efficiency of (Sierra Nevada)
beer bottle cap/as
Mus Musculus
habitational deterrent

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


pale tail floating - mouse
water reservoir drowning
Autumnal sorrow

Sunday, September 13, 2015

dream pieces...

at work, the uniforms have been changed, and they look like something from Munchkin Land...there is much laughter and teasing of co-workers...

i return home, Lesley is here and has started a fire in the woodstove, but i freak out because it's all wrong, so i quickly go about fixing it, closing the doors properly and setting the woodstove back to level...

there are little white flowers (???) all over the floor of the house, apparently blown in by the wind...when i return to the house from doing something outside, a young friend of mine has swept them all up & i am appreciative

Saturday, September 12, 2015


i am at work, and it is not a "store", it is a community; streets/houses/shops...i come across Mary D. there & we talk for a bit...i am selling cigarettes to someone, and cannot find on which street they are located, Cortney reminds me...i take a phone call from a belligerent co-worker which i must cut short because it is closing i walk through the community towards the huge gates, i see so many people all about! including a crowd at the sports field & i begin to wonder just HOW i am going to get them all out so that we can close! there is a trio of gates, and as i lock them all in turn, people open them and come in...i run from one to the other trying to keep people out, and re-lock the gates (which keep changing)...i make a few closing announcements, but it does not help at all, people keep coming in, and very few are leaving...some of the people are quite forceful and rude about their gate crashing, and i remind them that there is nothing to buy because we are closed!!! but on they come...

MMM & i are both pregnant and go to the hospital for some tests, and as i open our room with my store key, Control Center calls to check on what's happening, even though i deactivated the alarm with my code...i explain to the caller what is going on, and she is sympathetic...i wait to see if it is o.k. for us to be there, watching two security men test the room...i am wondering if i should have alerted the doctor first?

Thursday, September 10, 2015


there is an event at the Pool/Clubhouse area which i am attending, as it is about to begin, i run back to the house to get something out of my car...i cue some music, and see Cindi K. through the kitchen window singing along to the T. Rex song that i have put on. we kind of wink at each other as i run back to the event...hearing the next song begin to play...