Saturday, January 31, 2015


i am visiting a friend, and am going to take her three dogs for a walk as she has to leave to go somewhere...the bulldog has a cart/wheeled contraption that i buckle him into, the small black dog has a new light leash that i put on her, the small tan dog has a retractable lead with a very awkward we are doing  all these preparations to leave on the walk, the tan dog runs off, and i ask Melian to chase her down for me & she brings her back in no then the dogs and i go off walking around the neighborhood, very nice park near we are nearing the house on our return loop, the bulldog's leash breaks and off he goes! i ask Melian to catch him (she was standing by the park ) and she sighs a disgruntled sigh, so i say never mind! and catch up to him in time, and back to the house we go...good doggies

Thursday, January 22, 2015

poem @OBH

writing shadows
as Blonde
directs Skinny
to photo shoot smile

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Beer & A Book

While reading Lauren Beukes' brilliant book The Shining Girls, I had the additional pleasure of enjoying these three beers; "Hop Ranch", an Imperial IPA from Victory Brewing Co. in Downington PA; "Lunch", and IPA from Maine Beer Co. in Freeport MA and "Raspberry Stout", a chocolate stout brewed with local raspberries from Hardywood Park Craft Breweryin Richmond VA. All three a delight, and recommended, as is Ms Beukes' book about a time-travelling serial killer and one of his victims who did not die.


in the face of
there is sorrow
can empty and hollow
be so full
heart shudders
breathing comes shallow
all is lost
she is gone


my mother is about to die (again), the time is set, and the event is about to occur...this is an euthanasia/compassion seems to be a time-release drug or something similar...i am filled with a pain and sorrow that feels overwhelmingly events move forward, so comes to me to say goodbye...she has a scarf on her head...i hold her face in my hands as she speaks, then she walks away down the hall of the medical establishment

Saturday, January 10, 2015


i am with a group of friends, and we are in a parking lot where there is a large vehicle/fire truck...Dawn K. & i take turns photographing each other atop the vehicle...i try to not adopt too goofy a pose

Monday, January 05, 2015


i am at a very large house, so many rooms...a party is in full swing here, so many people...i wander about, and when i see a large couch full of Grateful Dead tie -dye wearing people, i decide to join that scene...i settle in, very comfy, and just as i am digging the scene, i look to the left and notice a police officer standing this awareness arises in the others, they freak out completely and start tossing weed, eating joints and all other kinds of panic including running the hell out of the is chaos...i decide to do the opposite, so i calmly walk against the tide, going in the opposite direction. good decision, i miss all the negativity. as i walk out into the back courtyard, i see Joel L. and we talk and plan to get together to do something...i walk back into the house to take a shower before we go out, but each of the bathrooms i approach all are occupied...i begin to think that i will just skip the shower! i see Joel again, after he has returned from work, and we talk again...

Sunday, January 04, 2015

dream pieces...

i am at the beach, walking up to someone's beach house, which they are in the process of leaving...i assure them that i will take care of the recycling needing to be done, they thank me and i move about the area, the recycling just keeps on showing up, growing, overwhelming. another person has show up with the same intent, in a way we are competing, but there is just SO much...

i have come home with two boxes of cats, which i let go inside the house and caused cats are completely freaked and stressed by this...much negativity ensues and i am so filled with anguish and guilt and sorrow and trying to make it right but it might just be too late, it is terrible...

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Book & Beer

Here are a few of the fine beers I imbibed while reading The Human Age by Diane Ackerman. From Evil Twin Brewing ; "Molotov Cocktail", a Simcoe single hop Imperial IPA. From DuClaw Brewing; "Anti Venom: Centennial", a single hop IPA. And then a collaboration between Lost Rhino Brewing with Tupper's Beer; "Mother Tupper's Back Of The Cupboard", an Imperial Rye Ale.