Friday, December 19, 2014

dream pieces

i am looking for a particular place, and my co-worker Khoshal will help me, we are walking with another co-worker...i realize that i know the place, so we just walk together until Khoshal turns down a worn path. i jog over to him to see what is up, he says that he is going back, and i realize that his 15 minute break is over. so we hug, and off he goes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

cartoon dream

i dream a new "Rugrats" cartoon of the characters is named "Septum", and he does have his septum is all very vivid and colorful and very entertaining...

Saturday, November 15, 2014


i am in bed and i hear a truck in the i look out the window, i see a white construction truck that is attempting to back up so as to leave...they get close to my car and then stop, so i go outside to tell them that they have plenty of room...they are unsure, so i offer to move my car to make it easier for them, so i grab my keys and half-way toss on a i hurry out front, i notice that it as lightly snowed, and my car is not in the same spot as it was moments before...i back onto the carport, and then as i am moving the car a little to straighten it out, the truck is trying to leave, so i just leave it parked as it is...then as i watch there are white construction vans and other trucks all over the yard, each either leaving or parked around, all of them with different company logos on the side...

My Mom Is Famous

a customer, whom i recognized as a regular, came up to me today as i was hanging tags in aisle #12 and asked, haltingly, if i was related to Betty Worthen. she said with a big smile, that i just look so much like her!! that she had been wanting to ask me. i told her i am glad that she did. and as we are talking, who comes walking up then but Karen Bonita. YES!!! life...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a dream...which becomes Lucid

i approach a door to an apartment building/townhouse, and as i pull it open with my left hand, my elbow bumps into an older white man's abdomen (Mr. Latham) which startles me somewhat as i did not know that he was there, standing so close to me. i step back and say, "shit!". he just gives me a look. i go on inside and get on the elevator, hoping he does not follow me. but i punch the 2nd floor by accident, and come out to an apartment which i think must be his because i notice a strong smell of Ben-Gay lotion. i immediately turn and head for the stairs, figuring that since he is moving slowly, i probably will not encounter him again. once i get back down to ground level, i try going in through another door, but it is still not where i am trying to go. the buildings are old, crumbly and i try another door. when i get inside this place, everything is suddenly quite bright, even though very old and dusty. i realize that i am dreaming (!) as i shut the door. i realize that i am LUCID DREAMING! i am very excited by this, and the first thing i think is that i cannot wait to tell Kay! so, just to be certain, i bring my hands up to look at them. i am wearing black gloves. i ascend the steps, looking at everything in this intense light, noticing every detail...

Thursday, October 30, 2014


i am in Mom's room with a friend, and notice that the ceiling is leaking, rainwater dripping into a small bucket that Mom has set there. i wonder why she did not tell me about this...i go to get another bucket, and as i open the utility room door, there is more water pouring out of a pipe in there...i tell my friend to come here and look at this! then i get a larger bucket to catch that water, and try to figure out what to do to fix the situation...

my friend & i are in Mom's room on the bed, talking and holding each other and i am wondering just how this is going to work feels odd, but good to be close with him

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the tiniest dream piece ever

i am comfortably reclined in a lawn chair talking with we talk, she looks at my out-stretched legs and i think that she is noticing that i do not shave 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not Sure How To Feel About THis

My best friend said, "I am not good company now, lol." and declined my invitation to come over to the house.

My daughter gets a pained look on their face every time I walk up to them to speak.

My dog jumped up and ran into the other room when I got close to her.