Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How I Feel Today.

I've got to go to work!
It's a thing I'd rather shirk.
But then I wouldn't get paid
no progress would be made
and I'd feel like a jerk.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seeing a memory with the mind's eye...

I have a visual memory of an event I did not actually see.

While bicycling north, James & I stopped at a grassy place below the parking lot of a roadside motel. We sat down to meditate*. While doing so (eyes closed), I heard a human holler at his dog. I heard the dog come running up to us. I heard and felt the dog sniff me. I am certain that the dog was a German Shepherd. All this happened and yet I continued my meditation. I have always felt that the dog did not bite me because I was so obviously non-threatening. Centered and peaceful.

This event happened in 1976. The other day I mentioned to one of my customers at work that it had been my goal to leave the country for the Bicentennial. She looked very puzzled and asked me, "Why?". I said it seemed like the thing to do. Really! Remember all of the crass commercialization centered around the Bicentennial? Oh, irony.

*Transcendental Meditation

Sunday, October 18, 2009

dream piece...

i am driving and Melian is my passenger...there is snow on the ground, it is still snowing...i pull out onto the main road; there was plenty of room to do so, but the car behind me dangerously pulls up close and then passes our car...then they slow down, and fire two shots at our car! i am freaking out, this is crazy! i am very angry...they turn into a gas station, so i pull into the gas station also...the driver gets out, and she walks back toward me as i am getting out of my car...we start yelling at each other...a police cruiser pulls into the parking lot and handcuffs her...another driver had seen what she had done, and called the cops...i give my statement to one of the cops...she yells some stuff at me as the officer puts her into the cruiser...i talk with another one of the officers about the situation, Melian stands by and then tells him what she saw too...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Everything Is A Photograph

taste buds dancing metallic citrus
cosmos breezes spatial foreground
green oak