Wednesday, July 08, 2015

visiting Poet: d3rek

split wide open
down the middle
cherry blossom
wrinkled symbol

..once again we never meet
..instead we're laying naked
holding hands
and we keep playing until we understand

it's just something that we can't

i know we're coming loose
we have these things to choose
there's nothing left to do
there's nothing left to prove

stand on air with our hands on
we come together to be ripped

a partial loss this disease
of time
this is sounding the same..

this is the..that we can't deny

stand on air with our hands
we've been coming for years
and never felt
this alive

..i know why you wanted me

i see you look at me

the closer we get we feel our
pulses as complements

ageless phase on our faceless
stainless pages that always
rearrange us
we have no idea what any of this
really means
she swallows
me whole as i rip her seams

why can't we be this way
caught in your gaze i fade away
this is a dream we won't
but it seems so amazing
even as it changes forever
slip between her patiently
as we come together in total
before we leave we become
what we believe

Thursday, July 02, 2015

musings at work (Crafted.)

Miss fluffy/Midnight Blue salvia/warm, and blue skies/trying too hard/not connected enough; or, disconnected/where is the center? (Evergreen Center!!!)

Residual weirdness from the creepy "food writer" who tried to hit on me and say he wasn't and the scrubby "scrap metal" guy. I didn't bring my book because i thought i was going to have a delivery to put away! That will arrive tomorrow, i found out. So, i suddenly remember that i know how to write!

I am thinking about how enjoyable yesterday was in the garden. All day, until time to go to work! i am wishing that i could do it again today...ah well. It is a good day none-the-less. I would really like to have a stout, though!!! Haahahaaaa...