Thursday, July 02, 2015

musings at work (Crafted.)

Miss fluffy/Midnight Blue salvia/warm, and blue skies/trying too hard/not connected enough; or, disconnected/where is the center? (Evergreen Center!!!)

Residual weirdness from the creepy "food writer" who tried to hit on me and say he wasn't and the scrubby "scrap metal" guy. I didn't bring my book because i thought i was going to have a delivery to put away! That will arrive tomorrow, i found out. So, i suddenly remember that i know how to write!

I am thinking about how enjoyable yesterday was in the garden. All day, until time to go to work! i am wishing that i could do it again today...ah well. It is a good day none-the-less. I would really like to have a stout, though!!! Haahahaaaa...

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