Monday, March 29, 2010

Brewpub Dream...

i am interviewing for a job at a very cool-looking brewpub...part of the test i am taking involves sniffing sneakers and identifying which beer had been poured and served in each one! crazy! i am not doing so good, but it doesn't seem to matter, even though the guy testing me has a very serious, severe a later point he tells me that i am not to talk with the other female employees, some thing about avoiding sexual harassment, and i am thinking WTF? i also have a feeling that the other women just kind of blow this crap off, because they have all been friendly with me, and talkative!...there is a delightful variety of beer, both in bottle and on tap...learning the beers, i get to taste samples & apparently you are allowed one beer a day when at work...the t-shirts are also very cool, each featuring a different beer...i am being taught the proper glass-cleaning procedure and serving techniques...hanging around with some of my co-workers after my shift; a dark-haired woman show buys me a beer, wearing glasses and full of smiles & kindness, a buzz-cut guy who is warm and silly and asks for a smooch on the forehead...lots of hugs given here...coming back the next day for my shift, one of the guys & i race to grab an oatmeal stout "for breakfast"! what fun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Children are people too. Really.

At work last Sunday evening, two of my co-workers and I were having a conversation that touched on children "hating" their parents. M. said that her 17-year old son hates her. T. said that if our kids don't hate us at 17 that we are not doing our job. He said that our job is not to be friends with our kids, but to teach them.
I have heard and read this stance before. I disagree. Why have children if you cannot be friends with them? Why does "teaching" them preclude being their friend? Does being a child's friend mean that you cannot teach them anything? Does being a child's friend as a parent mean that you do not discipline them? It brings to mind the time that a previous co-worker of mine saw me in my car with my infant daughter, she saw me talk to my daughter. She expressed amazement that I would be talking to my daughter, "as if she were a person". Yes, that's a quote. I told her that actually, my daughter IS a person, and yes I speak to her as such. Well, I do have a role model in all this. My mother loved me, was a fantastic parent to me, and was my friend. She taught me much in life. I can only hope that I am anywhere near as good a parent to my daughter as my mother was to me.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

American Takfiris

American Takfiris - Politics - The Atlantic

This is a beautiful, intelligently written piece by Adam Serwer. Read and comment.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Waning Gibbous Moon

no amount of caffeine could stop the
somniferous muffin
from sending me to dreams
of convergent orgasms

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

dream segment...

i am at work, walking around the store straightening & collecting de-shops in a cart...there are a lot of hidden crannies and nooks in the store the magazine rack i find two empty 1 liter bottles of wine that someone has roughly opened and consumed, i am thinking how did we not catch them doing that? i put the bottles into the cart and continue...making my way around the store i encounter Mr. North working, and we exchange little jokes and encouragement to each other as we pass...i find a hidden corner which has a door that leads outside to a small courtyard, triangle-shaped with a fenced-in is raining...i see a gray squirrel scampering about & when he/she sees me, he looks at me and moves a little closer...i must find some food for this little guy!, so i go back in the store and put together two peanut butter and bird seed globs for the squirrel, as i am doing this, Mr. North comes around through the area and we chat a wee bit about what i am i go back outside to put the cakes out for the squirrel, he comes right on over, albeit a bit cautiously, and sniffs at the cakes as i put them down, then begins to nibble...