Thursday, August 27, 2009

the deeper question

tonight on this rain dark shine
blacktop driving road
my only concern is
which one of these are leaves
and which ones hopping tree frogs

Thursday, August 13, 2009

dream segment...

in my room (which seems like the way it was when my grandfather had come to live with us and my parents had their bed in next to mine for a while...) there is a rectangle shaped box of soil that contains the possibility of a plant of unknown origin, but that it just might grow...after i have discussed this with some of the other people who live here, i watch the plant is not unlike a carnivorous plant, the top fronds seem is known that if this plant is fed something (or watered? much like "Gremlins"!!) it will become a feral animal...this has occurred; and i am sitting on the floor in my room, feeling the presence of the animal/monster in another room of the house, and the dread that accompanies that means to do us harm, and i can feel it...i have a hollow pit of fear in my abdomen, and i want out...i tell the others there in the room with me that i cannot take it any longer, and i am leaving...they are upset with me for this, and block me from re-entering the house briefly to retrieve my camera...i say "fine" and take off down the driveway, my father comes out on the porch and hollers at me to return, he has $325 for me, i decline and keep going...i pass through many towns, mostly on foot, sometimes in vehicles...i come to an auto-repair shop, and hang out in the garage with the mechanics*, talking and feeling at ease: father and mother (?) find me there, how did they locate me?... they drive into the garage and we are talking...i look out one of the windows and see some people next door, it seems to be a school yard activity of some sort, next thing i know, the police are bringing in three animals that belonged to the monster, in cages...i begin to feel fear the police bring in the monster, and my father decides to kidnap it, he hooks the monster's box/cage to his car and we take off...i am so alarmed!!! i can see the monster, and it looks like a cartoon of a dead animal, with black X-s for eyes, but i KNOW that it is still alive and could come to and get us at any moment...i am crammed down in the floorboard of the back of his car (mom is there also) as far as i can go, but i can still see it out the window, and feel the fear too strongly...

*Later I read Charles de Lint's book 'The Mystery of Grace', and don't you know a lot of it takes place in a garage? Grace is a mechanic!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dream segment...

We are on our way to a music festival...we go into a resturant, but the other people we are with freak out at the prices, so we another location up the road a bit, Melian see a sign for coffee and asks to stop there, she & I do...the place is also an Irish pub! she gets her coffee and I order a pint of Guiness...I strike up conversations with the bartender and his brother & a couple of other regulars, there are a lot of Irish rockers & punks there! it's great of the brothers gives me his card as we are leaving, I show it to Melian as we walk out...we walk to the festival entrance...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia...

Jerry, I miss you so much. I am very glad that my daughter got to see you before you clocked out. RFK 1995.
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