Friday, January 30, 2009

Just finished reading this wonderful book...

Thank you for loaning this one to me. Wink, wink; you know who you are.
And, "What?", you may ask, is the next logical step in reading material? Well, it is:

The 'Fermenting Revolution' website is here. This book is so "me" that it is hilarious. When I had my first microbrew (Anchor Steam Beer) back in the day, I was in love, and never looked back. One of my standard sayings is, "Quality not quantity". I've done a bit of homebrewing also, and find it a very enjoyable experience. I used recipes from 'The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing' by Charlie Papazian. Two favorites were "Dark Sleep Stout" (roundly viewed as "Orgasm in a Bottle"), and "SandiBottom Red Bitter". Visit Seven Bridges Cooperative for some supplies & ideas.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunrise Window Ice...

morning of
texture and
bringing of light
finding chill
of color and shadow
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Snow Turns To Ice...

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another mug meets its sad end...

Who would have thought that placing a half mug of espresso down on the counter would have caused a spontaneous explosion? Much less with a 3-second delay? I thought the espresso carafe had exploded, certainly not this heavy glass mug! Oh no! MY 'PEACE COFFEE' MUG!! I have such bad luck with these clear glass mugs. My "Snowpea" mug, my Grateful Dead dancing bears spiral, and now...
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Finally!! Some Snow!!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

dream memory...

melian & i have gained passage on a spacecraft...after i talked with the captain, he went off to his quarters at the back of the ship...he wasn't social at all, and a little gruff, he had on a large, we are sitting, and i am looking out the windows at the stars and planets as we go through space...after a while, we arrive at our destination planet, and begin our entry...a towtruck ship grabs us and pulls us to a campground, and into a "parking" spot...i go to get the captain, as there are some people who are trying to board, and they seem angry...he emerges, looking rather sleepy, but we calm these people down, he & i work well as a team, and i have gained his trust/respect; he says as we try to move into another spot, two of the next-door campers accost me, i must hit one of them, but i am able to de-fuse the situation, and we leave for our new camping spot...

O.K. Two days after i have this dream, Gwynne calls me in the a.m. to tell me of a dream that she has just had about me: she has come from the space-time continuum to tell me that i need to be with Chuck...she has come to my house, and brought him with her...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a study of dead squirrels...

why is it that people driving will
try like hell to not run over an animal
in the road
that is already dead
will not even slow down
to avoid hitting one
that is

as i was driving home
i was
thinking about squirrels
and drove right past
the library...

"where are you allen ginsberg?"

how am i supposed to react when i
that a person i was kind to has
my autographed copy of 'Howl'
and it is
long gone to the other coast
by now?

Pete Seeger - "This Land is Your Land"...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farmer's Markets on the increase...

Here is a chart with encouraging numbers for a change! (I've been reading 'Bad Money' by Kevin Phillips which is jam-packed with charts of a discouraging nature...) So, to find a farmers market in your area, visit the Organic Consumers Association/Greenpeople directory or, the Piedmont Environmental Council "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" website. Highly recommended!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspiration like crazed cloud-cover melancholy...

I've finally begun reading Bukowski...
'Betting On The Muse: Poems & Stories '...released posthumously in 1996 of previously unpublished work...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Books & Coffee...

'Pirate's Dilemma' makes its way to "Deja Brew" and into the hands of these lovely people, Roberto & Val. I've got to say that my Raspberry Mocha (big mug on the table in the left of the photo) was not only delicious, but had me fully caffeinated for hours. We had a grand time talking and sipping our java. I doubt that there were any subjects we left uncovered. They brought me three books to read while they have 'Pirate's Dilemma', as Roberto said he reads slowly. Looking forward to those. All in all, one of those times that makes you glad you're alive. Oh!, I also did a book release while we were there.

and YES, that's my co-worker/pal Rick in the upper right hand area of the photo!
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Friday, January 09, 2009

mortality meditation...

creative ideas!
photographs to take
books to read
poems to write
dog adventures to go on
cat naps to share
food to cook
beer to drink
places to travel to,
i'm not afraid of dying,
i just don't want to miss out on anything
i don't want to stop having
creative ideas

so...later on at work, one of my customers asks me if i know the secret to a long life...i say,"laugh a lot?", and he says, "no. the secret is: don't die."

Artist Huong's Peace Mural...

The Peace Mural has come to Washington, D.C. through January is a photo slideshow from the exhibition..also check out the Foundation website for more information about the creation of this piece and the artist, Huong...tonight's event is 'The Warmonger's Wake' at 7:30 p.m. (reservations required)...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Three recent dream segments...

i am at work at the grocery store, and Rick has come back already from after his surgery...i am talking to him, asking how he is and why is he back, it's way too soon! also, he is lifting things onto a U-boat, and i know he shouldn't be lifting, so i try to assist...he says he just couldn't sit around the house doing nothing...

Joonie has an injury that is not healing, she's licking & chewing trying to take care of herself and there are actual pieces of her fur and flesh around the house, it's awful... i make an emergency appointment with the vet, they send a woman out to pick Joonie up...later i am on the phone with the vet who says that it's serious, but she will be alright after further healing from the surgery he has done...

i am at work back at "Crown Books", working the register and meeting the other employees...there are bulk magazines stacked up all over the floor behind the register just like there used to be, and random crap piled everywhere, i start to attempt a clean-up, a young lady who comes into work later finishes it, to my surprise...trying to ring up some books for a guy, i ask out loud, "what's my number?", and i key in '25' and think, "that's my old one"...can't find the prices on these two remainders which are in pretty poor shape...during another sale, a woman walks away before i've handed her her receipt because it has taken so long for the machine to print it out, i call out to her asking if she wants the receipt...the register equipment is the same old stuff we used to have back in 1980, the same register keys and all...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First "New Beer" of 2009...

This brew has more bubbles than i thought it would. It's not quite stout-y enough for me, but it has a good first taste that is unusual and smokey. The mid-taste is weird. Then it's gone and you decide to have another sip. Happy New Year, i'm going to go back to reading 'Angler' now. (Subtitled: 'The Cheney Vice Presidency', written by Barton Gellman) What a good book. Wow.
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Rainy Day Fainting Couch

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year chronicle...

Last book read in 2008 & champers I bought at 50% off...The book was interesting and exciting, even though the writing style was a bit light, there are also a bunch of links/references to other related things worth checking out...the champers was mellow but not so flavorful that I would ever buy it again...but not to sound too negative! A fine, festive night it was...beautiful sky with the crescent moon and Venus shining bright...
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  • Syrah - 2006, Whitehall Vineyards, Whitehall
  • Wineworks Red -Virginia Wineworks, Keene
  • Cabernet Sauvignon -2005, Barboursville Vineyards, Barboursville
  • Viognier - (?), The Winery at La Grange, Haymarket
  • Melange -2005, The Winery at La Grange, Haymarket
  • Wineworks White -(?), Virginia Wineworks, Keene
  • Pinot Grigio - 2006, Barboursville Vineyards, Barboursville
  • Viognier - 2007, Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane
  • Totally White Wine - Lake Anna Winery, Spotsylvania
  • Petit Manseng - 2006, White Hall Vinyards, White Hall
  • Petite Verdot - 2005, Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane
  • Chardonnay - (?), Jefferson Vineyards, Charlottesville, VA
  • Rose of Merlot - 2007, The Winery at La Grange, Haymarket
  • Cuvee Blanc - 2007, The Winery at La Grange, Haymarket
  • Viognier - 2007, Barrel Oak Winery, Deleplane
  • Petit Manseng - 2007, Lovingston Winery, Lovingston
  • Rotunda Red - 2005, Lovingston Winery, Lovingston
  • Cabernet Sauvignon - 2005, Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane
  • Cabernet Franc - 2005, Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane


  • Olde Richmond Brown Ale - Olde Richmond Beer Company, Hampton VA... very tasty
  • Festie - Starr Hill Brewery, Charlottesville VA... i just love this one
  • Jomo Lager - Starr Hill Brewery...drinkable on an average
  • Chocolate Porter - Legend Brewing Company, Richmond VA...very rich & yummy
  • Octoberfest - Harpoon Brewery, Boston MA...drinkable on average
  • Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock - The Boston Beer Company, Boston MA...amazing, delightful sipping beer, tasty and rich
  • Backdraft Brown - Hook & Ladder, Baltimore MD...real good brown, flavorful
  • Golden Ale - Hook & Ladder...drinkable
  • The Raven - B.W. Beer Works, Baltimore MD...adore this one, very tasty
  • Pomegranate Wheat - Saranac Brewery, Utica NY...nice and different
  • Longboard Island Lager - Kona Brewing Company, HI...drinkable
  • Wailua Wheat - Kona Brewing Co...i adore this fruity & refreshing beer
  • Fire Rock Pale Ale - Kona Brewing Co...lighter, but tasty
  • Pipeline Porter - Kona Brewing Co...i really like this porter, yummy
  • #9 - Magic Hat Brewing Co., Burlington VT...a different take on an apricot brew, which i love
  • Odd Notion - Magic Hat...this was fun, and tasty
  • Roxy Rolles - Magic Hat...dark and yummy
  • Circus Boy - Magic Hat...good Hefeweizen
  • Chipolte Ale - Rouge Ales, Newport OR...OMG this is so good
  • Mocha Porter - Rouge Ales...i adore this flavor
  • Santa's Private Reserve Ale - Rouge Ales...tasty
  • Trader Joe's Frugal Beer...