Sunday, January 11, 2009

Books & Coffee...

'Pirate's Dilemma' makes its way to "Deja Brew" and into the hands of these lovely people, Roberto & Val. I've got to say that my Raspberry Mocha (big mug on the table in the left of the photo) was not only delicious, but had me fully caffeinated for hours. We had a grand time talking and sipping our java. I doubt that there were any subjects we left uncovered. They brought me three books to read while they have 'Pirate's Dilemma', as Roberto said he reads slowly. Looking forward to those. All in all, one of those times that makes you glad you're alive. Oh!, I also did a book release while we were there.

and YES, that's my co-worker/pal Rick in the upper right hand area of the photo!
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