Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sometimes, there is anger...

Yesterday being a day of laziness, which was fine - even though the sun went into hiding well before noon and didn't "come back", but segued into a rainstorm, I made that adjustment. Later I had a meltdown, though. After Chuck got home, I really wanted to walk the yard with him and talk about stuff, but he was preoccupied with what he wanted to do and not paying attention to me. So I freaked. i slammed every door I could get my hands on, and broke the sliding door in the bathroom. Yeah. It happens. But, not just that, I was screaming about it. And after all that, I gave myself a time-out over next to the garden shed. Then I made dinner (cheese enchiladas, yummy! and refried beans in the cast iron frying pan) and went back to reading - first, the paper and then Michael Sheuer's book about America & Islam after Iraq. Well, Sheurer is so right about everything he is saying about our government's approach to Islam & bin Laden, he should know- but the thing is just how angry he is in this book. I see his point about various organizations being a problem on the battlefield, but wonder about his anger at and hatred of environmental and feminist organizations. Anyway, that odd anger does not detract from the purity of his argument that if the U.S. would just remove itself from Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and cease to blindly back everything Israel does, that al-Queda would cease to be a threat, they would leave us alone. Actually that is not even HIS argument at all, it is simply all that bin Laden has ever stated in his messages to us, the American people. If only our elected "employees" would heed the message. ---So, this morning as I was drinking coffee and looking around the yard, with my lovely Rhiannon by my side, I could feel my sorrow and knew that I just had to relax and let it be. As the day went on I was alright. At work, I had a few people give me some kindness which went far. When I got home, Chuck was full of love and hugs. On to Melian's drum lesson and then some shopping! Ha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am sitting out on the patio reading 'Swimming Against the Current' (by Hightower & DeMarco) when a grasshopper starts jumping against the door of the greenhouse. This activity draws the attention of Tyga, who had been napping underneath the picnic table. She chases after the grasshopper for a little bit, then the grasshopper leaps away from that area and goes hopping and flying up above the picnic table and on past. This gets Lenah's attention. She gets up from her comfy spot and chases the 'hopper on into the grass behind the swing bench. This is all beyond cute, seeing Lenah get frisky. She might be 15 years old, but she knows how to work her inner kitten!

And so there you have it, one of life's perfect moments. Fleeting, but so deeply satisfying. Sunny day in June, reading in a lawnchair, happy cats...A sudden smile and a strong sense of completeness and contentment.
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Friday, June 06, 2008

What I've Been Reading update...

'The Making of the Atomic Bomb' by Richard Rhodes, 1986
'Dark Sun' by Richard Rhodes, 1994
'In Defense of Food' by Michael Pollan, 2008
'World Hunger-Twelve Myths' by Lappe,Collins,Rosset & Esparza, 1998
'Stolen Harvest' by Vandana Shiva, 2000
'Blue Covenant' by Maude Barlow, 2007
'No Way Home' by David S. Wilcove, 2008
'Water Wars' by Vandana Shiva, 2002
'Swim Against The Current' by Jim Hightower & Susan DeMarco, 2008

Praying Mantis Birthing...

These Mantis babies are now getting to be about one inch long, as they spread throughout the garden...I was really lucky to catch this egg-case emergence before I left for work one morning back in March...Chuck had attatched this egg-case from a broken raspberry cane onto a part of the garden fence for the winter...
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