Wednesday, October 05, 2005


the change in apologetic
As live by sampler purpose
do open as justifiable
with close it weird
do comb as strict
delight your dearest hands with the business's
eradicate everything you are indebted for without
you dance go grass
by put to forefather
Not look do ubiquitous had
was cough to premises gran
Of hurt as fewest atonality
No translate on daughter
ufyl, hey girl
on type at inimitable head shrinker
Have spent it hatchback leprechaun
As think it rectify
And organise as rueful merciless
hey girl hath Potomac
To do is interior pet
He drink at swayback allocate
turpitude hothouse earthworm variac
As try no glossary scurvy
Or clean to doorstep
Go listen it monopolist
For open by wolf
by sing as vertebra
do go no recite
To go or philter runaway
Not talk so emulation
Is study at frontispiece
in learn on stonewall
Be hurt be gab drank
folksy duluth
He believe so coequal cavalryman
He look to desuetude
with count so woke
rivulet see flue may
There derby while delphinium
Hey there anode those airspace
Hey there lunacy for covariate
and spell so hedonism
Also answer almost transgressor mutilate
Id spatula your buried buttonhole

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sandi said...

SPAMVERSE is found poetry, electronic found poetry...the concept of found poetry first made itself aware to me when i read Richard Brautigan...what a wonderful poet, how i miss him...i've found many scraps of writing over the years, and some of these spam subject headings are just too ultra-ultra...