Saturday, January 21, 2006

O.K. So I'm Late On This One.....

The past two months or so have found me craving the music of The Cure. I do not own any of their music. I took care of that today. I bought "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" & "Disintegration" on CD. Oh, I am so happy now! I really love Robert Smith's voice, and his guitar. This is filling an emotional need. The Muzak CDs that we listen to at work have "Close To Me" on them, and it drives me crazy. Why only the one Cure song? No matter, I will take care of that now. I sold my wee bit of land in the Shenandoah Valley, so I treated myself to some new music. New still, 17 & 19 years later. Yesterday I sang a Coldstone tip song that i'd made up based on Devo's song "Whip It". The three teenagers for whom i sang had never heard of the band Devo. I laughed and said, "I'm so Old-School!".

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