Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What I've been reading...

  • "Democracy's Edge" by Frances Moore Lappe.....this book felt like a "feel-good" read until I hit the education chapter. Not that the stories weren't inspirational in that chapter, as the others had been. Real people doing real, effective things to make democracy live in this country (U.S.A) for themselves and others. But when I read the education section I completely stressed out. That means two things; 1. our educational system is askew and, 2. I need to do something about it, for my daughter's education, of course, but also because I believe in public education! By the way, Ms. Lappe's book "Diet For A Small Planet", along with Ellen Buchman Ewald's "Recipes for A Small Planet "were the two books which helped me, taught me the basic nutritional information I needed when I decided to stop eating animals back in 1974. I've also read Ms. Lappe's "Food First".
  • "An Unreasonable Woman" by Diane Wilson.....beautifully written in a conversational style that is impossible to put down. A strong, interesting story of corporate/political pollution & crime fought by Ms. Wilson on her home turf. I am proud of her work. Visit her website, read this book! She helped found CODE-PINK!
  • "Thank You Dr. Kevorkian" by Kurt Vonnegut.....this tiny volume is a collection of Mr. Vonnegut on WNYC radio, doing an interview with dead people thingie. Some pieces of this are also in "A Man Without A Country". I thought maybe I could pick my favorite vignette, but no...I find that there is a snippet from each of the small pieces which is gemlike. Just read everything by Vonnegut that you can get your paws on.
  • "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson.....this science fiction novel is just fucking cool. I heart cyberpunk!!!
  • "The Secret Life of Bees" Sue Monk Kidd.... I thought that this was pretty good. I really dug the bee-keeping Sisters and their home. I thought my daughter would enjoy reading it also, so I shared it with her.

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