Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dream Segment.....

I am going to see The Dead in concert after work. I am going with Dawn K., and others. I am trying to find somebody to pick Melian up from school, and take care of her while I am at the concert. The woman who I have set up to help cancels. I decide to take Melian with me, and we talk about this, feeling happy. We walk down the steps to find our seats. A guy going up the steps tells me to be careful. I tell him that I've been coming to this venue ever since it first opened, so I know about the steps. They are very worn and shabby. I think about missing Jerry Garcia. Talking with Dawn, we're both wearing tie-dye shirts. Mike gets angry and bossy with Dawn, and I ignore his bad attitude. Dawn & I laugh. A friend of mine takes his guitar up to the stage during intermission and talks with Bob Weir, trys to play a song, but forgets how. I think he's nervous.

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