Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last 5 Books I've Read.....

  • Failed States by Noam Chomsky...without a doubt this is my favorite Chomsky book yet...he managed a biting sarcastic wit throughout, while delivering the facts in a most direct manner...informational and eye-opening...highly recommended!...modern day governmental abuses? imagine that!
  • The New Nuclear Danger by Dr. Helen Caldicott...while this information is "older", this book still delivers a punch that most people probably don't realize is still relevant, most likely even more so...nuclear is most definitely NOT the "new green"...well written as always by Dr. Caldicott...
  • Hubris by Michael Isikoff & David Corn...I found this an interesting read, in a different style than I've read some of the same subject twists and facts, very compelling...the Bush (W) administration never ceases to amaze me with it's horror and corruption!
  • Force of Reason by Oriana Fallaci...This book is about Islam in the world, and how that religion impacts our world, past & present...Ms. Fallaci fascinating as always...her style emotional and sensational, she's persecuted for this...I found the book itself quite interesting and enlightening, but the speech/afterword was a dissapointment...I thought it boring and had to feel that it layed blame on many people who would not be her enemies at all!
  • Shadowplay by Tad Williams...I was one of the people who read the first book, Shadowmarch, in it's online format, when Tad wrote two chapters a month for us subscribers. So I truly couldn't wait for this second book. And oh, yes, it did not dissappoint. My copy had a lot of editing problems, but oh only complaint really, is that I read it too fast, and now must wait ???? for the next book??? One of my all-time favorite fantasy writers, and an all-around great guy, too. I met him at a "Barnes & Noble" in Reston, VA during one of his speaking tours.

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