Monday, September 15, 2008

dream sequence...

i am riding a subway train , and as we near my stop i walk up front to pay my fare...the Asian male driver sits at the controls and waits as i go through my money to get the correct fare amount; i have a dollar bill, some coins, and a twenty...he just takes the twenty... when i ask for my change he says that drivers don't carry change! but the he will take the twenty because he trusts me...i get off the train and go into the big metro hub, ride up the escalator and then get a bike to i am pedalling i realize that i never did get my change, so i stop and go back into the transportaion hub to find that driver and get my change...i ride this escalator and that escalator, trying to find the one that will take me back to the platform for that train...i find two lower floors dedicated to gambling, a floor with shops, and quite a few other floors, riding up and down these escalators, and walking the steps; but no train platform...there are many people there, and i stop to ask one man who is wearing a station uniform about my predicament; he basically says my search is futile, that i won't get my change back from that driver even if i were able to find him...all the while i've been searching i knew this, but kept looking anyway, feeling rather foolish for having allowed him to take that $20 to begin with!

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