Sunday, November 22, 2009

Virginia Wine & Canadian Cheese extended weekend...

I have been giving wine & cheese tastings at work all weekend. Will continue to do so Monday & Tuesday as well. Tastings of five Kluge Estate wines, and five complementing cheeses (Canadian imports). It has been very interesting and a lot of fun. I have sold three and a half cases of wine so far. Much, MUCH more than the main office thought that I would sell. They predicted that I would sell 7 bottles. Total. I have sold out of three of the wines! Had we received an adequate amount of wines in our shipment, I could have sold much more. I have had to tell many of my customers to return on Monday. So, the frustration has been that I could give my customers a taste of something that I could not actually SELL them because I had to wait until Monday to get more back in stock. Then today it came to not even having any left in the sample bottles for two of the wines. I could only tell my customers about the wine, and implore them to return Monday. But back to the people; there have only been two "spitters". I only had one "wine snob". There have been quite a few who said that they only liked sweet wine, who found out that they liked the dry wines. Then again there was the one young lady who said that she only liked wine if it "tasted like a 'Slurpee'", but she was a fun customer. There were some people who would ask me questions about the wine & the cheese; the SAME questions, four or five times in a row. And, happily,there were many people who were delighted at what I was sharing with them, and we had fabulous conversations about wine & life.

What I sampled out: Blanc de Blanc (2005), Sauvignon Blanc (2008), Simply Red (2004), Kluge Estate New World Red (2005), and Cru.

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