Monday, November 15, 2010

State Of Mind

I think that I have reached the point where I have worked through the stress of the lay-off & transfer to this store that I call The Hell-Hole. I am now left with the depression. This is not my favorite state of mind, by any means. I am not very functional when I am depressed. Indeed, who is? I have put out so many applications to so many open jobs this past month, and have received zero calls. I have gotten three rejection e-mails, however. (Seriously, "Wegman's"?) For instance, today I hid in bed for five hours. Sleeping and dreaming. Letting my subconscious deal with all of it! My body aches from lack of "exercise". My mind aches from the worry and dissatisfaction. I am trying to focus on the positive; I have a job. I am also trying to better my situation; applying for jobs and talking to people/contacts. So I think that I am dealing fairly well with the whole situation, I just worry that I am overlooking something. Truly, tomorrow, I must work out or hike. Do some yoga. Nothing heals depression like "exercise"...movement...focus and breathing...

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