Sunday, January 22, 2012


i have gone to visit d. in NYC to see a show with we are leaving the venu walking to the subway, i tell him about a dream i had the night before where i rode my bicycle out of a place, carrying a friend...we get to the house where we will be staying the night, a relative or friend of his...a dachsund meets us at the door, but d. shushes him and he goes into the other room...i am thinking about how i cannot stay long because i must catch the train back, when i realize that it is not midnight yet, we left the show early! i try to tell all this to d., but it comes out all jumbled, so i laugh and say never mind...we climb into my surprise we are holding each other, caresses and a very lovely is fantastic...later he must get up for work, and tells me that i could stay and meet up with him later if i wanted occurs to me that i could do this! no work in the a.m., and i am in NYC! i say but i don't have my camera, and i've no $$$, but hey, i could take pictures with my phone...then when he is getting ready to take a shower he turns to me and says very sternly, "no weirdness. you & i have been friends for too long"...i answer yeah...but the feeling is not a good one, so i decide to leave and catch the next train out...

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