Sunday, September 23, 2012

dream segment featuring _+_

derek has come to visit, bringing a new animal companion which was given to kaela by a friend of hers...the small animal is in a cage, looks like a cross between a hamster and a ferret...i take it out of the cage to play, and it escapes! it runs across the room into a corner, through a bunch of dust bunnies, then under the dresser...i try to catch it, but it's quick...i am thinking that it will be impossible to find! i try not to stress about it, even though i must leave for work...later, when i am back home, i am in the room looking for the animal and find that my cats have caught it, and are eating it...there are also a large quantity of kittens that i did not know i had there...over a dozen! i see a quick movement in my peripheral vision, and reach to catch the animal, thinking/hoping that just maybe it might be the one, but when i look, it is one of my cats that i have caught (tyga), and i realize that the worst has indeed happened to the new pet...

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