Thursday, March 13, 2014


I am walking down a neighborhood street, and as i am about to cross over a larger street, i hear Lorraine calling out to me. i turn to look at her, and begin to walk toward her when she tells me to look out. a white van is pulling into the intersection right at me. i move over, and as he (white male) drives past me he says something derogatory. i just snort a laugh and walk over to Lorraine. we are greeting each other in the middle of the road, so we walk together up the sidewalk and across the road to the other side of the street. she wants to show me her place. when we get there, she shows me the landscaping setup she has done at the sidewalk. it's very cute! she has named one of her plants (a female name) and introduces me. a neighbor and her son walk by on the sidewalk, and we laugh, introducing them to the plant. as we move aside to allow them to pass, the plant gets jostled, and as we reset the plant in it's place we joke about that.

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