Saturday, January 31, 2015


i am visiting a friend, and am going to take her three dogs for a walk as she has to leave to go somewhere...the bulldog has a cart/wheeled contraption that i buckle him into, the small black dog has a new light leash that i put on her, the small tan dog has a retractable lead with a very awkward we are doing  all these preparations to leave on the walk, the tan dog runs off, and i ask Melian to chase her down for me & she brings her back in no then the dogs and i go off walking around the neighborhood, very nice park near we are nearing the house on our return loop, the bulldog's leash breaks and off he goes! i ask Melian to catch him (she was standing by the park ) and she sighs a disgruntled sigh, so i say never mind! and catch up to him in time, and back to the house we go...good doggies

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