Tuesday, July 01, 2008

deer dream...

Chuck and I are out behind our house in the woods working on something. As we walk over to one area, we flush a deer. I laugh and point this out to him. Then we see that it is actually a fairly good-sized herd of deer. As I watch them tail up and scamper off, I notice something odd, and say, "Look! That deer has a pair of work gloves in his back pocket!". Chuck stops what he is doing and watches as the herd moves off. The "work glove" deer seems to be the leader of sorts, he turns into a cowboy/trail-rider sort of character, on a horse! I say to him, " I love you!" and he replies something to the effect that he finds friendship everywhere. Chuck and I laugh at this, but I worry did Chuck think that I really "love" this deer/guy?

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