Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a dream...which becomes Lucid

i approach a door to an apartment building/townhouse, and as i pull it open with my left hand, my elbow bumps into an older white man's abdomen (Mr. Latham) which startles me somewhat as i did not know that he was there, standing so close to me. i step back and say, "shit!". he just gives me a look. i go on inside and get on the elevator, hoping he does not follow me. but i punch the 2nd floor by accident, and come out to an apartment which i think must be his because i notice a strong smell of Ben-Gay lotion. i immediately turn and head for the stairs, figuring that since he is moving slowly, i probably will not encounter him again. once i get back down to ground level, i try going in through another door, but it is still not where i am trying to go. the buildings are old, crumbly and i try another door. when i get inside this place, everything is suddenly quite bright, even though very old and dusty. i realize that i am dreaming (!) as i shut the door. i realize that i am LUCID DREAMING! i am very excited by this, and the first thing i think is that i cannot wait to tell Kay! so, just to be certain, i bring my hands up to look at them. i am wearing black gloves. i ascend the steps, looking at everything in this intense light, noticing every detail...

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