Saturday, November 15, 2014


i am in bed and i hear a truck in the i look out the window, i see a white construction truck that is attempting to back up so as to leave...they get close to my car and then stop, so i go outside to tell them that they have plenty of room...they are unsure, so i offer to move my car to make it easier for them, so i grab my keys and half-way toss on a i hurry out front, i notice that it as lightly snowed, and my car is not in the same spot as it was moments before...i back onto the carport, and then as i am moving the car a little to straighten it out, the truck is trying to leave, so i just leave it parked as it is...then as i watch there are white construction vans and other trucks all over the yard, each either leaving or parked around, all of them with different company logos on the side...

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