Tuesday, December 30, 2014


there is a big meeting about to happen...i am talking with another attendee, and she says that Sage S. is going to also be here...i am excited about this, and look for him as more people begin to arrive, as more people sit in the chairs provided, as more cars pull into the parking lot

i go into a public restroom, in the stall i am pulling up my pants after urinating...two young boys, teenagers, have come into the restroom, one is standing inside the stall that i am in as the door was open...i tell him that i will be done in just a moment, or that he could go to the men's room across the hall...the two of them go out the door to the other restroom...as i am walking out i mention to anyone that men have been coming into the women's room all day! - then i am in the men's room scooping kitty crunchies back into the container there (which is like the air hand dryer)...a tall man walks into the restroom and tells me that he is going into the stall there, i tell him that i was just cleaning up, adding more toilet paper for them and all...we both say "o.k.!" to each other and i exit

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