Tuesday, January 17, 2017


a co-worker gives me a message that a customer wrote on a reusable shopping bag. it intrigues and amuses me. i walk down the sidewalk of the shop-lined street thinking that i might see him, and converse. as i walk, i think that i should not seem to be looking for something, so as to not draw the wrong type of attention, i am actually trying to keep a low profile. i am carrying two plastic bags with something in them, and another bag/backpack...it has become dusk, and the Moon is beautiful in the sky, with clouds passing by. a woman passes by me and speaks a friendly salutation. she pays me a compliment and smiles broadly-she has an instrument/guitar slung across her shoulder. i call out a reply - thinking about how when i get to the bottom of the hill, i will turn around and walk back...just then i hear a call-out, and see a friend of mine emerge from a wooded path off to me left on the other side of the road...we meet, and talk, she asks me what's up, and expresses surprise at seeing me out & about at this time, since i am so often at work at this time...[as i am getting ready to reply, i awaken]

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